PCCF Presents Donation to St. Luke’s Cancer Center

Last month, through the generosity of our donors, Pancreatic Cancer Cure Foundation (PCCF) had the privilege and honor of presenting St. Luke’s Cancer Center at Upper Bucks Campus check for $5,000. 

During our visit to St. Luke’s Cancer Center, we spoke to the president of the hospital, Dennis Plfeiger, about a new building addition currently under construction which would conveniently have the cancer center on the entire first floor. We also talked to the compassionate care leaders about how having a local facility for both treatment and care for patients has alleviated some obstacles for patients who would otherwise have difficulty with transportation or finances.

Financial burden and worry have a significant negative impact on physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The compassion funds are designed to support patients as they go through their treatment journey and recovery to help the healing process by easing the financial burden. Support is granted for medications, medical supplies, travel expenses, bills, food, and other necessities that might arise during their fight against cancer. Their compassionate care program allows patients to focus on what matters most.

View our photos from the event below and watch our video interview.


Watch our video interview at St. Luke’s Cancer Center

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