5-Year Survival Rate Increases to 12%

Pancreatic Cancer 5-year Survival Rate

American Cancer Society Released Its 2023 Facts and Figures Report Showing an Increase in the 5-year Survival Rate for Pancreatic Cancer

The American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures 2023 report reveals an encouraging trend in the fight against pancreatic cancer. The five-year survival rate has now risen to 12%. Despite this progress, pancreatic cancer remains a leading cause of cancer-related deaths and is projected to become the second-leading cause by 2030. The Pancreatic Cancer Cure Foundation (PCCF) is committed to reversing this trend through funding critical research and clinical trials. The goal is to not only increase the survival rate for pancreatic cancer but also to reduce the number of people diagnosed with the disease. With your support, we can make a positive impact in the fight against pancreatic cancer. #flipthestory