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Curiosity and Observation: Fox Chase Cancer Center Making Great Discoveries in Pancreatic Cancer - Pancreatic Cancer Cure Foundation Inc.Pancreatic Cancer Cure Foundation Inc.
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Curiosity and Observation: Making Great Discoveries in Pancreatic Cancer at Fox Chase Cancer Center

PCCF Explores Cutting-Edge Pancreatic Cancer Research at Fox Chase Cancer Center & Greenberg Pancreatic Cancer Institute



Fox Chase Cancer Center - Greenberg Pancreatic Cancer Institute - 2023 Lab Update




On Thursday, November 2nd, the Pancreatic Cancer Cure Foundation (PCCF) made a significant visit to Fox Chase Cancer Center, presenting a generous $30,000 donation to the Greenberg Pancreatic Cancer Institute. This wasn’t just a financial contribution; it was an opportunity for PCCF to gain insight into the exceptional strides made by Fox Chase’s close-knit, multidisciplinary team in the realm of pancreatic cancer research.


Tony Cygan, Vice President of PCCF, expressed his appreciation for the updates, stating, “We love hearing the research updates. It really gives us a wave of inspiration. Sometimes we need a little charge of that again.” This sentiment captures PCCF’s ongoing commitment to supporting pioneering research.


Shawn Kleitz, Chief Development Officer of Fox Chase Cancer Center, extended sincere gratitude, acknowledging, “Thank you so much for your support and for your trust in us and what we’re doing—Sanjay, Eti, and her whole lab. We’ve really benefited, so we truly, truly appreciate your support.” The impact of PCCF’s contributions extends beyond financial assistance; it represents a vote of confidence in the nimble and collaborative efforts of the Fox Chase team.


A Collaborative Effort:

Dr. Sanjay Reddy, MD, FACS, provided insight into Fox Chase’s unique collaborative environment, describing it as a family. “I’ve always thought about this disease process and Fox Chase in general as a family. That is the unique part about this institution—the way we do things.” This familial atmosphere enables collaboration, fostering innovative projects that seamlessly cross departments.


Dr. Edna (Eti) Cukierman shed light on the critical role of curiosity and observation in scientific breakthroughs. “The majority of the really great discoveries have come from curiosity and observation, areas where we can never get grants.” PCCF’s support provides the freedom to explore these uncharted territories, facilitating discoveries beyond the constraints of traditional grant-driven research.


Expressing gratitude for PCCF’s contribution, Dr. Cukierman emphasized, “The type of contribution you provide gives us that extra freedom to go the next step.” This flexibility is instrumental in advancing research to new heights.


Dr. Cukierman also highlighted the Greenberg Pancreatic Cancer Institute’s approach, underscoring its nimble, multidisciplinary nature. “It is that multidisciplinary, holistic approach, looking at the entire patient—their mind, thoughts, medical needs, as well as the background research.”



In conclusion, Tony Cygan expressed the Foundation’s admiration for the impactful work at Fox Chase, stating, “We’re absolutely in awe of what you folks do—what you’re doing and what you do. You’re all part of changing the world a little bit in your way, in a big way. It’s a very big deal. Thank you for that.”


Dr. Cukierman highlighted the unique role of contributions like those from PCCF, stating, “The money we get from people like yourself is for those expensive experiments where we can do a new screen or a sequence of cells, essential to drive those new ideas that we can’t really justify in grants.”


In essence, PCCF’s visit to Fox Chase Cancer Center is a celebration of collaborative efforts, where generosity and dedication converge to propel pancreatic cancer research forward. It’s not just about the dollars; it’s about fostering hope, fueling curiosity, and driving positive change in the fight against pancreatic cancer.


We want to extend a big thank you to Lisa Broida Bailey and Karen Albright from the Office of Institutional Advancement, along with Sara Snell, Program Manager of the Greenberg Institute. Their efforts have been crucial in linking the public and organizations like ours with the valuable work happening at Fox Chase Cancer Center. We appreciate their dedication, making it possible for us to better understand and support the impactful research taking place. Together, we move forward in the fight against pancreatic cancer, united in our commitment to bring about positive change.


We’re looking forward to joining the team again at their next event, the Together Facing Pancreatic Cancer

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